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Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf was founded in 1898 in Germany, is one of the world’s three largest cosmetics brand. Because of its black head, many people in China call it the “black head”, and it is popular in China.

The chemist direct UK website ongoing Schwarzkopf area buy a gift activities, products are at under $4.99, products are Schwarzkopf essence Ultime and a little of hair cream. Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME constant Shizhen Cui series is launched by Schwarzkopf and supermodel Claudia Schiffer cross-border cooperation of high-end Dharma series, including Omega repair, diamond color, crystal BRILLANCE and BIOTINE+ volume four kinds of series correspond: nourish, repair repair solid color, improve dull and coarse and an abundance of hair roots. In addition to hair coloring paste series available for you to choose and order without the need to use code can show a gift to buy for the price of one, which for high-end Schwarzkopf hair care series is very good price, the series 250 ml of shampoo about 120 yuan, the difference is quite large. Such as this Schwarzkopf essence Ultime Omega repair conditioner repair hair), is now priced at 4.99, orders two showed a bottle of 4.99 good price purchasing Taobao in 220 yuan. Direct Chemist is the UK online drug and cosmetics sales website, online sales of all kinds of drugs (non prescription drugs), health care products, baby products, and a variety of beauty products, etc.. Official website to support domestic cards also supports PayPal account authentication payment, can also direct mail worldwide, according to their own needs choose express way; if the order is from outside the EU, automatically lose 20% of the consumption tax (does not contain milk powder, milk powder in the UK is not taxed, so there is no tax rebate. Note that it is best to apply for the euro pound sterling credit card, because the general credit card is the US dollar clearing, but the Direct Chemist is the pound settlement, as far as possible to avoid the loss of exchange rate.. 55af6828db1b38081.png_e60055af67f8ca7098872.png_e600

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