German Amazon lightning special: Easter mode on real-time updates of special

Easter is a Christian religious holiday after Christmas, plus Easter and Viking / Germanic culture spring festival generally time coincidence, so everyone in Germany for Easter lovebasically equivalent to christmas. In this grand festival is approaching German Amazonmustering the enthusiasm into have the Spring Festival mode until Easter April 5th, before the start of the traditional sense of the German “black five”.

From two days before the start Deya lightning began to enter a large number of specialupdate mode, the total amount of daily updates are about 200 pages (2200), which still have good product many worth waiting for, so small make up will also open real time update mode,we update the screening concern goods for everyday, and the good commodity price more still needs him netizen in special of the ocean looking for. Also need to pay attention to is the German Amazon direct mail China commodity can also be a tax rebate, and electrical goodswithout considering the voltage problem.

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