DOGEARED Reminder Dream Wish Bone Necklace (925 Silver)

Goddess Hathaway same paragraph, the United States Amazon now Dogeared Wishbone 16-inch silver wishbone clavicle chain $ 36.41

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dogeared from the United States scoring handmade jewelry brand, Korean “successors” after hit hot, and Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Song Hye Kyo, Angelababy and other stars have worn this brand of jewelry . Meyer has repeatedly mentioned before in jewelry activities. Today recommend this dogeared Reminder Dream wishbone necklace is the drama of last year’s smash hit “heirs” where there’s a 18-inch sterling silver necklace collarbone, handmade, design of understated elegance, exquisite workmanship, very suitable for everyday wear, bring out the women’s sweet temperament. Suitable jewelry for a woman like a tie belt suitable for the role of men, as a finishing touch, people can not help but increase the goodwill. Decent jewelry is always able to women’s unique qualities set off a more three-dimensional. Suitable to give you that she –


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